Author: Kelli Richards

Trend Talk: Versatile Spaces

Multi-functional spaces are a huge trend on the rise heading into 2015. As real estate prices climb and home sizes decrease in order to make living more affordable, our spaces have had to adjust to fulfill multiple purposes. My own home is a great example of this. My husband and I moved from a large house in the suburbs to a two bedroom condo loft in the city, and have had to get creative with design tricks to make it work for us. The second bedroom, for example, was hardly a bedroom. There were no windows, no electrical outlets installed for...

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5 Ways to Create an Elegant Home Office

        As the summer nears its end and school will soon resume, now is the time to refocus and get serious about work — and what better way than to re-decorate our home office? Even if you don’t spend all day there, having a beautiful home office should be a necessity. The office is often the last place people tend to think to decorate, frequently becoming the “messy” room behind the closed door. All it really takes are a few tweaks to make your home office come to life with personality and style. Here are a few...

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Let Vintage Pieces Tell the Story of YOU

      Lately, I have become obsessed with vintage pieces. Be it furniture, sculptures, lamps or other interesting finds, if it speaks to me in some way, I have to have it — even if it means not buying the latest design trends due to my dwindling bank account. Luckily, I am a treasure hunter. I prefer to find pieces at flea markets, online or while on vacation rather than frequenting high-end vintage shops with steep price tags (although if you can afford it, why not?). I find vintage items special because they are unique, usually solid, and were well-made before North Americans...

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Coastal Chic Living

    Who wouldn’t love to live on a beautiful beachfront property? Well, just because your home does not come with a view of the water does not mean that you can’t make it feel beach-y. Recently, I redesigned a home for a family that requested a casual, no-fuss aesthetic. They told me they did not want a space to “show off” to their friends or host fancy cocktail parties, but rather a space they could really live in with their two young children and dog without fear of a rip or stain. The woman of the home also mentioned that, if she had...

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6 Backyard Design Ideas to Help you Relax this Summer

    Summer is the time to relax, but if our weekends are filled with chores and to-do lists it can pass by so quickly! Here are some smart, trendy ways to maximize your fun in the sun so that the summer will feel endless.    Back to Basics: Instead of planting your garden with high-maintenance exotic plants, opt for plants that are native to your region and do not require a lot of grooming. The return to native plants is a huge trend we are seeing right now in landscape design. Perennial plants are ideal, since they grow with minimal effort....

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7 Smart Backyard Design Ideas to Create a Personal Oasis

    Summer has arrived, so we should make the most of the season by spending it outdoors. Put away your electronics and relax in your own backyard oasis. Here are some ways to beautify your outdoor space and make it cozier so you will never want to leave home.   Tone it down: While neon and pastel colours are currently in fashion, try not to go overboard with too many colours. A muted, monochromatic palette will give you a sense of calm and also allow your eye to focus on the beautiful plants you spent so much time cultivating. White, black, grey and...

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Summer Living: Shedding the Old

    Summer has arrived, bringing fabulous weather and the opportunity for a new beginning. One way to embrace the changes and sense of lightness that comes with this season is by simply editing the things you have in your home, or by adding something different. Here are some ideas to help make you and your home feel like new: Greet Them with Colour: A great way to refresh your home is by giving your front door a paint job.  Why not try a bright and cheerful colour? Shades of blue remind us of clear skies. Yellow is also a colour we’ve been seeing on the...

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Fresh Dining Room Trends

    Eating is just a part of life. We love food and to spend time cooking and preparing the perfect meal, so why not put just as much effort into creating the perfect dining space? To give you some inspiration, here are some of the top trends we are seeing in dining rooms this year, just in time for your spring gatherings! Tear Down the Walls While formal dining rooms can have a grandiose feeling, the reality is that most new homes today are being constructed with an open living/dining and kitchen floor plan. The very term dining “room” should...

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Fresh Bedroom Ideas

    It is never a bad idea to update your bedroom. This is one area that often gets snubbed when redecorating, even though we spend a considerable amount of time sleeping in this space. Why not create a fresh haven to unwind at the end of a stressful day and feel invigorated when we wake up? Here are some unique bedroom design ideas… Dreaming of White White has the ability to make everything feel fresh and clean. Many people are afraid of white because they think it will be boring, but when used in different shades, textures and with a few accents...

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10 Ways to Freshen up for Spring in Style

    While it may seem like the cold is here to stay, spring is really just around the corner. If you need a little boost out of the winter blues to start thinking spring, try these simple decorating tips around your home. You won’t remember that winter was ever here … Spring at your Doorstep  Switching out your dirty winter doormat is an easy fix and an inexpensive way to usher in the good weather. Find something fresh with color like this 2’x3′ Basic Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Pottery Barn. Off the Wall Go bold this season by adding a statement wallpapered wall in...

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