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At NIKKA DESIGN, we help our clients to live better, feel better by designing interiors that transform and improve peoples' lives and are environmentally responsible.




At NIKKA DESIGN, we help our clients to live better, feel better by designing interiors that transform and improve peoples’ lives and are environmentally responsible.

Here are the most common questions I field as a sustainable designer:


What is sustainable design? Also known as eco-design or green design, sustainable design is the practice of using products for decorating and designing interiors that are manufactured using eco-friendly practices that are good for people and the environment. It is designing customized, luxurious interiors that incorporate sustainably-manufactured products that are also beautiful and functional.

After understanding my clients’ functional requirements, sustainable goals, style preferences and project costs I source and recommend the best products for their project.

Does it cost more to hire you? No.

Does it cost more to go green?  This is a subjective question, as no one has the same definition of what expensive means. ‘Regular’ products also have a price ranging from cheap, through to high-end expensive. As with fashion, we all tend to mix high and low priced items to achieve a certain look. In interior decorating and sustainable design, we find that clients tend to apply the same approach. Ultimately, the most pertinent question is, “What is your budget for interior decorating and how green do you want to go?

What makes a product sustainable? Here is my top-6 criteria, in no particular order:

1. What materials are being used: are they non-renewable?

2. What is the company’s mandate, and do they have an objective, third party environmental certifications for their products? (Third party certification is considered among the highest level of assurance)

3. Is there chemicals present in this product?

4. Does this product negatively impact indoor air quality? What steps were taken to reduce emissions?

5. Is this product energy efficient?

6. Does the production of this product contribute to the surrounding community? Has this company demonstrated social consciousness?

What eco-design products are available to decorate my home? All product categories are available for all aspects of sustainable home decoration. You can find ecologically-designed cabinetry, flooring, paint, wallpaper, furniture, curtains, fabrics, appliances, toilets and shower systems, faucets and lamps.


The big question I ask my clients is: How green do you want to be?

With fashion, you can splurge on a high-ticket items and economize on lower-valued products to pull off a winning look, and the same mentality can apply to interior decorating. You can choose between standard-made products and sustainably-manufactured products — and it is no longer a given that the latter will be more expensive.

For each of us, there are varying levels of interest and considerations and we have to make green choices that fit into our politics and lifestyles.


If you need more information on how to make your design project sustainable, do not hesitate to contact NIKKA DESIGN: 416-720-4081 or at 

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