Ask an Expert: To Sell or Renovate?

In the Toronto real estate market, the question of home ownership and renovations are a regular, frequent and widespread topic. Where you live, when you bought your house, and if you are renovating or moving are topics that fill up endless water cooler conversations, coffee dates and spur many a wine-induced evening.

The Interview: Barbora Vokac Taylor

Barbora Vokac Taylor is an up-and-coming architect who is quickly building recognition for her own voice and style. She is known for leading a strong team and providing the highest level of attention to detail for her clients, helping steer them with confidence through the often confusing and stressful world of renovations.

Grey: Neutral, Classic and on Trend

There was a time not so long ago when designers and homeowners would select beige for walls and finishings. They wanted to achieve a timeless look that they felt would appeal to homeowners and prospective purchasers alike. But our trend of the moment is grey — the new (and better) beige.

Buy Art you Love

Buy what you love. This is the one rule and directive that every expert and advisor gives when it comes to art.

Your taste in paint will change. You will move. You will buy a new sofa. But art can transcend these trends and periods in your life if you choose wisely and buy what you love, then find the home for it.

Powder Rooms that Pack a Punch

While it is usually the smallest room in your house, a powder room can represent your style in a very impactful way if you take the opportunity to infuse it with colour, light, drama, a variety of finishes to make it stand out.