Author: Laura Beeston

Trend Talk: Concrete chic

      Turns out, there’s more to the latest grey trend than we thought. Concrete decor has been showing up lately, and the rugged material proves an interesting, even luxurious addition to contemporary projects. Here are some works we’ve seen so far:   Lounge Hard: This concrete product was spotted in a  The Globe and Mail feature earlier this summer and are taken with its smooth lines and sturdy build. Made by Kelowna, B.C.-based Mode Concrete, the sculptural lounger is just one of their many concrete furnishings. Solid Seating: We also came across the concrete work of Wendell Castle this past May and are taken by this sturdy, somewhat comfortable-looking...

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Design Find: Bettie Cott

    We were first introduced to Toronto-based furniture and product designer Bettie Cott at the Interior Design Show ’14 in Toronto this past January, and love the simple, structurally sound approach to her work. Cott — who has a manufacturing engineering, and competitive woodcarving background — began creating furniture in her spare time while working in the advertising industry when she first moved  to Toronto. She went on to graduate with a Craft and Design diploma from Sheridan College in Oakville two years ago, and she hasn’t stopped since. “It was really interesting going back to school later on [in my career]...

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Toronto Modern Home Tour

Six contemporary Toronto homes will open their doors to the public on June 7 as part of the Modern Home Tour. This is the second year the Modern Home Tours collective — based in Austin, Texas — will host a tour in Toronto. Organizer Ken Shallcross explains that cities are chosen “based on their reputation for being a hub of modern residential architecture.”

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Refreshing Retro Kitchen by Sarah Gallop

    Function and personality fuse perfectly in this dining and kitchen space by Sarah Gallop Designs Inc. (SGDI), a full-service Interior Design company on the outskirts of Vancouver, B.C. The feel of this kitchen is fresh and fun, the retro accents and vibrant colour make it pop. And we spoke to the home owner and designer about how it all came together. According to Sarah Gallop, the design mind behind this space, it was dark and tired before and didn’t provide the ample storage required by the owner. Counter space was also an issue in the previous set...

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Kitchen Trends: Back to Black

    Today, in the spirit of our Toronto Home Kitchens cover image,we will explore a look we’re seeing out there: black kitchen dramatics. Signature black walls are back in a big way. They have been all over 2014 trends lists and boldly featured in every room. So why not the kitchen? Deep dark drawers are another way to instantly update the look of your kitchen, as they can really anchor a space. This look really works to offset the stark white tile and counters. For those who want to take this look all the way, monochrome is an interesting take. Be warned though: it’s very intense, but...

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Lolita Chair: Galerie NuEdge

Amel Chamandy is an artist, art dealer and owner of Galerie NuEdge in Montreal. She answered some of our questions about her latest work, theLolita chair, which is part of a limited-edition series. Here’s what she had to say …

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Shop: ibiki

    PHOTOS BY JONAH LESLIE, via ibiki This is the word that represents the latest incarnation of the store formerly known as Héritage/Inheritance Shop, Montréal. Though the location on St. Laurent Blvd. remains the same, the look and feel of the store have changed. But the change is a very good thing. In fact, it is with this careful, curatorial mix-it-up that ibiki store owner Jonah Leslie has built his entrepreneurial and artistic career. The modular, clean look of ibiki betrays Leslie’s current style ethos, as does his careful selection of products. So what is ibiki? “I didn’t want a...

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Wild Canadian Cuisine: Toronto restaurant pushes the boundaries

    Moss, lichen, hay. They’re elements you’d expect to see on a walk in nature. But what if they were on your dinner plate? Would you be adventurous enough to eat them? Some Torontonians are discovering that these ingredients are not only edible, but also delicious in the hands of five talented chefs who have integrated them into a unique tasting menu in their Ossington Ave. restaurant. Actinolite, a two-year-old eatery, has developed a tasting menu that is pushing the boundaries of Canadian cuisine, offering foods that are foraged, seasonal and local. “I wanted a restaurant with a...

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The Peacock Chair by UUfie

    This beautiful, lace-like chair is on display with the international flower arrangements at Canada Blooms this past March. And boy, did it grab our attention. You couldn’t actually test the chair at Canada Blooms to experience its full effect but, nonetheless, it had an impressive wingspan and made for some memorable visitor photos. Designed by Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan from the Toronto-based design firm UUfie, the pair began the project by cutting, bending and folding paper. Eventually they decided to create the 18-chair limited run from an acrylic composite sheet that required the duo to manipulate it to shape within minutes. As...

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Design Find: Maude Eloïse Bouchard Furness

    Sustainable and fashionable? Yes, please. These are the characteristics of our featured fière Quebecoise furniture maker Maude Eloïse Bouchard Furness, whose two collections of waste-free furniture made their debut outside of La Belle Province for the first time in January at Toronto’s Interior Design Show. “It was always my instinct to do this ecologically. There was no reason for me to do things like everyone else, or try to be Ikea deux,” Bouchard Furness explained from her studio, Atelier HOCH. “If it’s clear someone has implicated themselves in the creation of something, been conscious about where they source materials, eliminated waste, and...

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