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16 Jul 2018

Author: Rebecca Mitchell

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Design Project: A Florentine-Inspired Kitchen

When I lived in England for three years, I realized much later that part of the reason I loved the landscape was the fact that it was so green — my favourite colour. Myriad different shades of green at every turn await, while out on a walk or country drive, and I found this palette both beautiful and relaxing wherever I went. I have always loved the colour green so it’s not surprising that England had this effect on me.

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Garage-Turned-Guest House

Last summer, some clients asked me to oversee the interior design of their main floor extension, which included a dream kitchen, breakfast area and family room. One of my clients had recently returned from a medical conference in Florence and had fallen in love with the patina and palette of this beautiful Italian city. At her request, I incorporated in the kitchen the colours and architectural shapes of the photographs she took on her trip and carried this palette and design throughout the main floor.


Breakdown of Hiring a Designer

  Today, I’m going to demystify the interior design/renovation process. How does this whole thing work? After you have found an interior designer – typically through word of mouth or on the Internet – and have agreed to meet, this is generally what you can expect:…