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16 Jul 2018

Category: Art

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Fragments of dreams. Elusive memories of long-past events. A vaguely recalled face. The work of Montreal painter Irena Chrul spies into the crevices in our subconscious minds, forcing us to look at what’s stored in there.

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Le Balcon d’Art : Roland Palmaerts

Roland Palmaerts is a Belgian artist working in Quebec and in Belgium. He was born October 4th 1953.
A graduate of both the Institut St Luc and of the Académie des Beaux Arts de Brussels, Palmaerts becomes a commando paratrooper before coming to Quebec in 1980 to work as a graphic artist.

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Sculpt a Head and Face in Polymer Clay WORKSHOP

Maria Saracino is a Canadian artist who creates figurative sculptures in polymer clay. Realistic yet whimsical, her work is about triggering a memory – a feeling – they stir something familiar for the audience. Her influences include Joe Fafard and Ron Mueck, but her biggest influence is Norman Rockwell. “Through sculpture I often channel his illustrative style of capturing candid moments in time.”

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Various shades of white occupy focal space in Rachel Ovadia’s paintings these days. The white reflects the pure state of consciousness this painter meditatively enters into to paint from an inner voice. “My sole responsibility is to create art that imparts the purity of my thoughts, feelings and sincerity,” Ovadia says.

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Driving along a country road, artist Lorne Winters once spotted bales of hay in a misty field that looked so serene he had to stop. “There wasn’t even a bird chirping,” he recalls. “I kept taking pictures until the mist lifted and some of the natural noises returned about a half-hour later.”