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16 Jul 2018

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Take Five

Vancouver-based cinematographer David Bercovici-Artieda is happy that, following a year when so many of his colleagues in the film industry were out of work, some local unions visited Los Angeles to help attract foreign productions.
In a small way, David and his brother, Jacob Bercovici, an American businessman, are doing their own wooing of the industry and have helped Vancouver become more attractive to visiting productions.


Exterior Cabin Colours

      Dear Andrew, My husband and I are in the process of choosing colours for the exterior of our cottage/home.  It is a large home and the exterior has a wood ‘board and batten’ finish. Any suggestions? Amanda   Traditionally, when choosing colours for…


Painting a Mouldy Bathroom

      Hi Andrew,  I have a mould problem in my bathroom. Any suggestions before I paint? I assure you that you are not alone as mould is a common problem in bathrooms, especially in those without a window, a ceiling fan or proper…


Paint Stench Solutions

  Hello Andrew, Have you ever used vanilla extract in your paint to reduce odours? If so, how much should be used for a gallon of BEHR paint? Also, will the vanilla extract discolour neutral colours? Great question! I have only ever used vanilla extract…


Tips to Paint your Ceiling

    Dear Andrew, I am about to paint my living room.  I have already picked out the colour and am ready to go. I just have one problem: I hate white ceilings!  What are your thoughts on painting the fifth wall?   – Brian Hi Brian,…


Painting Price Points

  Hi Andrew, I just had a quote to paint my new home and was really shocked by the price. Can you give me a better understanding of the anticipated costs of hiring a professional painter to work on my home? John Hi John, One…


Painting Colour Combos

    Dear Andrew, I have just moved into a new condo downtown and am totally overwhelmed!  Apart from all the stress of home ownership and dealing with the developer, I am stuck with builder-beige walls. I have no idea what colours to paint. Could…