Stunning bay views are easy to come by in the area of Port Moody known as the Golden Mile. But few homes along it can rival the charm and originality of this one. “I knew as soon as I walked in that it was the house for us,” says the homeowner, who lives there with her entrepreneur husband, twin 17-year-old daughters and a rescued dog of mixed pedigree.       



That big clean-up extends to our bodies, too, as we move toward the vernal equinox. For years, juices and smoothies have been the drinks of choice at this time of year for those who want to give themselves a post-winter health boost. And while it can be worth the trouble and money to invest in a juicing machine for the home, Canada seems to have almost as many juice bars these days as coffee shops, suggesting that some of us like to grab our wholesome liquids on the run.

How To Beat The Heat


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