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16 Jul 2018

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This suave and contemporary backyard was a mundane patch of grass and concrete just one summer ago. “It was really a mess,” says Vic Bertrand bluntly. Bertrand, the president of full-service landscaping company Northstone, describes the area’s 2,000 square feet as an unappealing concrete patio and “just grass, weeds, shrubs.”

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Fragments of dreams. Elusive memories of long-past events. A vaguely recalled face. The work of Montreal painter Irena Chrul spies into the crevices in our subconscious minds, forcing us to look at what’s stored in there.


Le Balcon d’art

FIDEL PONCE CCANA Fidel Ponce Ccana est né en 1973 à Lima, au Pérou, où il a étudié à l’École nationale des beaux-arts de 1992 à 1998. Ses antécédents académiques ont été influencés par des artistes bien connus tels que Rembrandt, Caravaggio et Da Vinci….

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This welcoming kitchen was renovated to allow its owners to entertain their many guests BY TRACEY ARIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND STYLING: RHONDA THORNTON Stephanie Sabela and Derek Stunden, the owners of this King Township home, considered tearing down a wall and integrating an adjacent office to…


La fièvre des Séries / Playoff Fever!

  C’est la fièvre des séries au Québec! Nos Glorieux seront-ils vainqueurs?  Tous y croient et tous sont derrière notre équipe légendaire. Pour l’occasion, nous vous proposons des tableaux de circonstance tous droits de l’atelier et de l’imagination de deux de nos artistes réputées pour…

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GOOD VIBES A Baie d’Urfé home built according to feng shui principles is filled with a sense of harmony BY STEPHANIE WHITTAKER PHOTOGRAPHY: YVES LEFEBVRE AND COLIN LEFEBVRE STYLING: TRACEY MacKENZIE Visitors feel it immediately. The sense of serenity that pervades the Baie d’Urfé home…