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16 Jul 2018

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Gingham Style: a Spring and Summer Décor Trend

I know, I know – “Gangnam Style” is now a little passé, but I simply couldn’t pass up a good play on words! When I think of gingham, I immediately picture one of Hollywood’s most adored characters – Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame. I loved the innocence that was portrayed through her voice, her demeanor and her iconic blue and white gingham dress.

In Season, Trends

6 Spring De-clutter Tips

After a long and arduous winter you may still be feeling a little listless. Thankfully, Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to clear out the winter cob webs, refresh and revitalize your home. Freeing yourself of useless clutter and creating a sense of order within your household is essential to your well-being. Clutter not only disrupts the aesthetics and functions of an environment, it can make us feel sluggish, distracted and unmotivated.