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For some people looking to build a new home, the location – the neighbourhood – is the prime requisite; once it’s chosen, they find a site and build a home that suits their needs and wants. Other people have a strong idea of what they want in terms of home design, and they go looking for a site to accommodate it.


A spectacular ocean view and a tony address would seem to be instant deal-clinchers. But when it came to the lot that this striking newly built home in South Surrey sits on, builder Jeet Sidhu, owner of Sky Ridge Homes, was not immediately sold.


Builders design and decorate their spec homes to suit as many people as possible. (The term “builder’s beige” says it all.) It’s a sensible approach but one guaranteed not to please at least some potential buyers. Witness the purchasers of this recently built house in Dunbar-Southlands: They liked the house but wanted to change some of the finishes.


The moment I arrived in the capital, Pape’ete, I could tell that I would not be disappointed by the trip that I had dreamed of for decades. Stepping off the plane, I inhaled the warm, fresh air and visually devoured the brightly coloured tropical flowers and sparkling azure-blue water.

Sweet Luxury

Who has not dreamed of escaping into the lap of luxury? Of closing one’s eyes and breathing in deeply as a warm wave of sumptuous relaxation envelops one’s body? Safe, secure and detached, this is what enjoying the moment really means. But what if you could enhance this exquisite sense of timelessness, this feeling of living in the now, by having it all steeped in the style and intrigue of ancient Spain?

Finding Warmth in a Winter Wonderland

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. It’s time to hunker down and enjoy the warmth of the great indoors. At this time of year, there are few spaces more inviting than a well-designed bedroom, outfitted with beautiful linens, puffy duvets and fluffy throws. That goes for cozy living rooms and dens, too, where cushions and coverlets encourage us to sit a spell and warm up by a crackling fire.  Here’s a selection of products to help you create rooms that shut out winter’s cold.


Your roots – how and where you are raised – play a major role in your life. They set the parameters of your formative years. And that can run deep. But for Irma Soltonovich, it also runs wide. Raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Soltonovich was influenced by her surroundings, which gave her a sense of where she stood in the world.


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