When the homeowner took possession of this three-storey property on a ravine two years ago, she essentially got to start with a clean slate. The contemporary house, surrounded by parkland, had just been built from the ground up. After fitting the kitchen and bathrooms, the seller left the midtown property raw-walled and ready for customization.

Working with designer Erin Jones of Carey Mudford Interior Design, the new homeowner created a monochromatic scheme to act as a backdrop to the lively punches of colour found throughout the house. The starting point for the brights was a cowhide piece in acid orange, found at Elte. The rug-turned-wall-hanging informed everything from the fabrics in the living room to the stairway’s bold orange and gold wall covering. “I’m originally from Montreal, and I wanted my home to be bold, modern and fun,” said the homeowner.

“We went through about three different schemes before we ended up going with pink and tangerine,” said Jones. Reserving colours for the accessories and accents meant that they could be switched easily over time. Although the homeowner was considering a purple sofa, Jones advised a more neutral option. The brown leather sectional she ended up choosing was practical enough for any future scenarios and large enough to seat numerous guests; it could also offer a warm tie-in with the mahogany-coloured kitchen cupboards in the open-plan room.

To achieve a perfect mix – balancing textures, patterns, shapes, sizes and colours – Jones sketched the sectional to imagine how the custom cushions would be positioned on it as an ensemble. “They’re still laid out exactly as I drew them,” she said. “The homeowner kept that sketch!”