Kitchen Trends: Back to Black



Today, in the spirit of our Toronto Home Kitchens cover image,we will explore a look we’re seeing out there: black kitchen dramatics. Signature black walls are back in a big way. They have been all over 2014 trends lists and boldly featured in every room. So why not the kitchen?

Deep dark drawers are another way to instantly update the look of your kitchen, as they can really anchor a space. This look really works to offset the stark white tile and counters.

For those who want to take this look all the way, monochrome is an interesting take. Be warned though: it’s very intense, but it could work in a moody, masculine bachelor pad. Talk about a midnight kitchen.

If you’re not so bold and unwilling to take it all the way with a big-ticket item like a black marble countertop or cabinets, you can always incorporate the look with something temporary, like a table. Alternately, just add black chairs or stools.