A great way to soften the vista


It’s time to think about landscaping. The snow is disappearing, and soon your garden will be revealed in all its . . . dullness?

One way to add interest is through hardscaping. Nowadays, this can be achieved with preformed pavers or slabs that provide form and function, texture and practicality, colour and durability. They’re ideal for just about any outdoor application: large terrace or secluded patio, substantial driveway or winding path, dividing wall or poolside edging.

An expanse of pavers can make a small area look larger or more imposing than if it were surfaced in grass, gravel or decking. Conversely, you can break up a featureless stretch of yard by defining several outdoor spaces through the use of high-contrast bandings and elevations. Most manufacturers provide other elements, such as steps or mosaics in identical or complementary colours and shapes, to augment or complete the design.

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EuroFlair-smallEuro Flair 2015

Here’s a sophisticated take on alfresco living, with high-contrast design providing high impact. A geometric floor pattern becomes an ideal base for contemporary black and white decorative accents. Shown: Tux slabs in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black.


Contemporary -2015_USAp15_CANp15_Raffinato_Cap_01015Modernscaping

This is a sleek and minimalistic approach to design with clean lines, pristine surfaces and a monochrome colour palette. The firepit and pizza oven balance the design minimalism with the warmth of outdoor fire features. Shown: Raffinato wall and firepit, Industria slab; both in Greyed Nickel.


Transitional Appeal

Sunny warm tones create an inviting ambience, and the graceful patterns of wind-rippled sand dunes impart texture. The over-all effect is relaxed and casual while promoting the best use of the space. Shown: Inca slabs, Röcka steps, Portofino caps.


PolishedCasual-2015_USAp46_CANp45_Travertina_Slab_01014Polished But Casual

Even a bland suburban backyard can take on a quiet air of sophistication. Slabs in in a blend of cream tones provide subtle over-all texture. Deep-coloured cobblestone-like pavers create contrast and delineate the separate outdoor areas. Bold textured steps frame the firepit and provide elevation. Shown: Travertina slabs in Ivory, Röcka steps in Rock Garden Brown, small Antika paver in Chocolate Brown.