When warm weather arrives, most people prefer to be outside as much as possible, making an outdoor space more than just a garden. Today, gardens are multi-purpose areas that reflect personal interests and personalities, and are often used for the same activities that take place indoors. A garden can serve as a much-needed retreat that – when well-designed and decorated – can help to increase a home’s liveable space.

Over the next 26 days, we’ll focus on the backyard by letter, with an A to Z guide, full of smart and stylish outdoor decor ideas, along with useful and unique garden elements.

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O – Ornaments: Garnish your garden with a few decorative pieces of outdoor art that you love. Here’s your opportunity to go modern, classic or kitsch. Items can be as simple as vases, pots and bowls or as elaborate as a life-size sculpture or water feature. These items all work well as they provide a focal point and can be the source of a theme for your garden.

Before selecting outdoor art, consider your home’s architectural style. If you have a cottage-style house, you’ll want to include elements that fit, such as repurposed vintage timber, weathered and iron pieces, old farm or industrial fixtures or equipment, coloured glass bottles (from water or wine) and mason jars.

The classical look lends itself well to objects carved from natural stone or cast in bronze, zinc or resin. Usually these statues are heavily influenced by the Renaissance in 15th century Europe and depict figurines such as angels, goddesses, mythical creatures or animals. Also very popular are bird baths, water features and urns.

For a more modern garden, look for objects that will inspire and transform with simple, organic, geometric or bold forms; sleek, highly polished finishes look great as does brushed stainless steel, oxidized or coloured powder coated steel, volcanic rock or glass.

Kitsch items can include anything from the classical to the retro to the downright absurd, just as long it’s unexpected – it’s all in good fun! Look for bright colours and quirky objects that are weird and wonderful.


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SLIDER IMAGES via 1. Nathalie Seaver, Junk Fest;  2.  Jamali GardenA Dear Little Red House; 3. Plust