A to Z Outdoor Design Guide: Yoga Area

A garden can serve as a much-needed retreat that – when well-designed and decorated – can help to increase a home's liveable space.

When warm weather arrives, most people prefer to be outside as much as possible, making an outdoor space more than just a garden. Today, gardens are multi-purpose areas that reflect personal interests and personalities, and are often used for the same activities that take place indoors. A garden can serve as a much-needed retreat that – when well-designed and decorated – can help to increase a home’s liveable space.

Over the next 26 days, we’ll focus on the backyard by letter, with an A to Z guide, full of smart and stylish outdoor decor ideas, along with useful and unique garden elements.

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Y – Yoga Area: Imagine listening to the sounds of nature as warm sunlight washes over you and a gentle cool breeze brushes your cheek.

There are so many health benefits associated with being outdoors. The sights, sounds and scent of a garden are naturally relaxing and healing and they can help you develop a peaceful state of mind. Take the opportunity to get high on nature by practicing yoga outdoors. Stretch and meditate in your own backyard in a dedicated quiet space.

Pick a private, quiet spot within the garden, away from high activity areas and traffic noise. You will need a relatively level surface where you are comfortable sitting, standing and lying down. A deck is ideal, though a level lawn can work just as well.

Ensure the area is set up and ready to use; you will be more motivated if you can just throw down your mat. Consider implementing clever storage solutions such as hooks, painted timber boxes, or chests.


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A — Al fresco dining; B — Bunting; C — Cinema; D — Daybed; E — Eco Garden Room; F — Fire Pits; G — Glow-in-the-Dark Elements; H — Herb Garden; I — Irrigation System; J — Jumbo Joss Sticks; K — Kitchenette; L — Living Wall; M — Mosaics; N — Night Lighting O — Ornaments & Sculptures; P — Pizza Ovens; Q — Quirky Accessories; R — Recycled Elements; S — Solar Shading; T — Terrariums; U — Umbrellas; V — Vegetable Patch; W — Water Features; X — Xtras.

IMAGE via WordPress