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16 Jul 2018

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The move was a small one geographically for the owners of this recently renovated house in Delta. It did, however, mark a major shift in lifestyle. “We moved a five-minute drive away from our previous home,” says homeowner Louise Jackson, “but we gained the beautiful sea view we had always wanted. We did lose almost half our previous square footage, though.”

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That big clean-up extends to our bodies, too, as we move toward the vernal equinox. For years, juices and smoothies have been the drinks of choice at this time of year for those who want to give themselves a post-winter health boost. And while it can be worth the trouble and money to invest in a juicing machine for the home, Canada seems to have almost as many juice bars these days as coffee shops, suggesting that some of us like to grab our wholesome liquids on the run.

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The most successful optical illusions trick the eye into seeing something magical. Infinity pools – where water flows over one or more edges, making the pool appear to blend with a larger body of water beyond – became popular in Europe in the 1990s, especially at hotels. Over the past 10 years, this type of pool has become a must-have outdoor element among North American homeowners with large swaths of land, Instagram-worthy views, and large landscaping budgets.