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THE MUSTS FOR THIS SEASON                  

Setting up an outdoor living area is a trend that won’t die any time soon. With summer coming, the idea of creating a common space between indoor and outdoor is growing, especially since it is versatile and convenient. To succeed, extending the kitchen and using floor coverings such as ceramics will make the patio an extension of the house.

screen-shot-2017-05-10-at-2-29-33-pmCeramic tiles Treverkhome20 | Colour QUERCIA


Setting up an outdoor kitchen requires weatherproof materials, especially regarding the work surfaces. Some products, such as granite, are more adequate for this type of use. This natural stone is one of the most resistant in regards to cold, heat, scratches and abrasion. Its durability makes it a key material for an outdoor counter surface.


If you are looking for an original coating, GEOLUXE® is an interesting choice. This new coating collection distributed exclusively by Ciot is also an ideal material to create an open-air kitchen environment. This coating recreates pyrolithic stone and combines performance and elegance, while resisting chemical products, scratches, heat, and freeze and having a hygienic composition. GEOLUXE products’ aesthetic and unique appearance has recently been shown in an exhibition created with the collaboration of Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, known for his industrial design expertise.






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Rough materials are also to be privileged when creating unique spaces. Mixing more industrial materials and finishes like wood, concrete or metal will help set up a strong personality environment and isolate the living spaces.

Playing with textures also adds interesting contrasts. The ceramic tiles of the X-Rock collection stand out from the grass as their finish imitates the natural stone.


Exterior claddings made of porcelain stoneware are an interesting option for a durable space. Their composition allows them to be applied to large surfaces, such as pool, surrounds patio and near gardens. The advantage of this type of coating is its ease of maintenance and its durability. Once they are installed, the porcelain stoneware tiles are weatherproof.

With its 20 millimeters thickness, the new collection Treverkhome20 (page 1) is very easy to install on an outdoor surface. These tiles precisely reproduce the natural look of wooden planks, which creates an enlarged space and adds a warm touch.