While it may seem like the cold is here to stay, spring is really just around the corner. If you need a little boost out of the winter blues to start thinking spring, try these simple decorating tips around your home. You won’t remember that winter was ever here …

Spring at your Doorstep  Switching out your dirty winter doormat is an easy fix and an inexpensive way to usher in the good weather. Find something fresh with color like this 2’x3′ Basic Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug from Pottery Barn.

Off the Wall Go bold this season by adding a statement wallpapered wall in your home. A graphic or floral print can make a huge style impact and, since it’s only for one wall, it won’t cost a fortune.

New Life for Old Chairs Have your chairs seen better days? If you own sentimental pieces but can’t stand looking at them anymore, why not give them a new life and reupholster them? If you need fabric ideas, floral prints are currently enjoying a comeback and graphic prints are a surefire choice to really jazz up a room.

Spring Linens Neutral linens have a light, airy feeling that is perfect for spring. This Stonewashed Belgian Linen Bedding Collection from Restoration Hardware has a natural, lived-in appearance we love.

Pops of Pillow Throwing some colourful pillows around is sure to get you in the mood for spring. Coral, pink and purple exude freshness and energy. We love these!

Artwork Bold, colourful artwork can completely transform a room. If you can’t invest in original art, however, many artists offer prints that you can have framed. If you are very creative, you could also always try making an original piece.

Plants and Florals Besides adding colour and life to a space, plants clean and humidify the air, which will make you feel like you are living in spring (even if there is still snow on the ground). Tip: If you are not used to taking care of plants, get one that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Here’s to Sheers If you have heavy drapes, replacing them with white linen sheers will let in a lot of diffused light.

Paint the Ceiling  We are all aware of the dramatic impact painting walls can have on your home, but if you are not bold enough to add a bright wall, why not apply colour on the ceiling? Light blue and turquoise will make you feel like there are clear skies every day.

Colorful Lamps When we think of spring, the first thing that usually comes to mind is colour. One easy way to incorporate light and colour in the home is through lamps. If you have an old lamp, consider painting it or switching the shade.

With these 10 tips, you will be feeling the spring in no time at all!


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