The Past Made Modern: East Coast Inspiration



Nancy Brown and Norm Lo used to walk by a certain house in their neighbourhood and stop to admire it. They imagined living in a place just like it. The house was understated and homey, with a steeply pitched roof and gable, casement windows and a stone chimney. The lower half of its exterior walls were clad in stone, the upper half in cedar shingles.

“There were a lot of features we liked. And we were considering a new build,” says Norm, who had had the opportunity to step inside the property while it was under construction. He particularly loved the underground garage with its driveway tucked into the side of the house, which meant that it neither took land from the backyard nor sacrificed the aesthetics of the front facade.

To the couple’s surprise, the home, several blocks from where they were living, was put on the market after the original owner had occupied it for only one year. Nancy and Norm jumped at the opportunity and, with their three young sons, moved in two years ago. The place they had admired so much during their walks was now theirs…


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